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Rustic Pearls

Rustic Pearls" A solo Exhibition; during the Beir Zeit Heritage Week in Palestine. The Idea behind the Exhibition was to highlight the rural life in Palestine and especially for those who live in the city. Usually we; who live in the city don't take the time to discover, enjoy and appreciate the beauty in our villages, even though those villages might not be more than 15 minutes away from our houses. Using pallets to show the photos was to implement that we daily pass by different villages yet we don't pay attention to what is around us, the same way we daily see pallets around in markets without even noticing the importance of pallets, and what we can use them for.

‫On the other hand, exhibiting the photos on a low level was to push the viewers to kneel a little bit to view the photos, in a sign of respect to rural Palestine and its people. The second goal of exhibiting the photos in a low viewing level was to engage kids in the exhibition, and to give them the opportunity to interact with the photos. In most of the exhibitions kids have no room to really engage with the topic and the photos, yet putting the photos in this level the kids ran towards the photos, and even sat there for a while enjoying and wondering around


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